Sunday, October 28, 2012

Basel, Istanbul and Paris

For Federer fans it wasn't the result we were hoping for.  After losing the first set, Roger Federer rallied and took the second set in a tiebreak.  Though he had his chances at a break in the third, he wasn't able to capitalize and it went to another tiebreak.  Roger played some loose points and really lost it in a couple unforced errors.  However, Juan Martin Del Potro was really very impressive today.  There were multiple points where it seemed like Roger had him, but he managed to stay in the point with some great defense and ultimately win the point.  He was also really using his power in his serves and his ground strokes, and even had some impressive net play.  As to Fed's play, I was concerned earlier in the week because it just seemed he couldn't find his form.  And while he still made some errors today at inopportune times, he also had some of the Fed magic going and overall I thought he played pretty well.  

To Delpo's credit, in spite of losing the second set he didn't let his level drop as has sometimes happened in his losses to Roger.  I'm sure after losing some very disappointing matches to him this year, he just wasn't willing to let it go this time, definitely putting in the extra effort to get to balls he maybe normally wouldn't have tried so hard for.  So even though I would have loved to see Roger come through with another win in his special hometown tournament, at the same time I am happy that JMDP was able to play well and really start looking like he could be the player he was in 2009 again.

There was a very tricky point that could have ended up with Roger on the ground, almost getting hit in a very tender spot.  Thankfully I think it just missed and hit him in the leg instead and he was saved that embarrassment in front of his hometown fans!

Roger announced after his match that he will not be playing Paris next week.  I was kind of figuring that was coming after a difficult three-setter.  He said it is just too much for him.  Sounds like he needs to deal with some niggling injuries and just be rested and prepared for the World Tour Finals in London the following week.  Unfortunately by doing this he will be handing Novak Djokovic the #1 ranking back again, but this was expected anyway.  He will for sure reach 302 weeks at #1, which is just beyond impressive!

In other news, Serena continued to impress today with a 6-4 6-3 win over Maria Sharapova in the final of the WTA Championships.  What a last few months Serena has had, winning Wimbledon, Olympic gold in singles and doubles, the U.S. Open and now this.  I have been so amazed by what Roger Federer has been able to do at 31 years old, but Serena has had even more incredible results than he has (which is difficult for me to say, as a hard core Fed fan!).  Though not always a huge Serena fan, you can't argue with what she has been able to accomplish.

Another 30-something who has had great results this year is David Ferrer, who just won a 6th title for the year.  

I'm not looking forward to Paris so much now that Roger won't be playing, but I am very much looking forward to the World Tour Finals, beginning in just a little over a week!

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