Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Final thoughts on WTF

First of all, congratulations to Novak Djokovic who, through gritty determination was able to win the World Tour Finals, coming from behind in both sets to defeat Roger Federer.  It was a high intensity match with twists and turns in the plot from start to finish.  Though it seemed certain to go three sets when Roger was up 40-15 at 5-4, all of a sudden it seemed to be championship point at 5-6.

For Federer fans it was a disappointing end to be sure.  It took me a while to come to terms with it.  However, to be honest, I hadn't really expected him to win this tournament from the start.  The fact that he was able to pull out a win in the semifinal against Murray and get to the final was incredibly exciting.  This match against Djokovic was played at the highest level.  Sure there were some errors that gave points away, but there were an awful lot of jaw dropping points also and not a boring moment of the match.  Novak did what he does so often - hang in there when he's not playing as well and then through sheer determination snatch the match back.  But the fact that he had to fight so hard, bloodying up his elbow in the process, against a guy six years his senior, shows the level that Roger Federer is still at, and anyone who is still asking if he is going to retire soon should be ashamed of themselves!

While maybe at this point I should be showing interviews and media blitzes from Novak, this is primarily a Fedfan blog, so while I definitely give much credit to those who do well, my heart is always with Roger.  So those who are in the same boat should take much comfort and enjoyment in the fact that he had more wins this year than he has had in quite a few years, he won six titles this year (including 1 GS and 3 Masters 1000s), got #1 back for a record 302 weeks, and overall simply was amazing, making his fans proud.  He is very deserving of some beach time, which he loves, with his three girls and hopefully feeling rejuvenated and ready for a new season to set more amazing records.

Here is a video of some behind the scenes stuff after his match.  Love his laugh!  I think he is doing just fine after his loss:

Though the 2012 season is mostly over there is still Davis Cup this weekend, plus quite a few exhibitions that maybe we will get to see some of.  I will still continue to give updates whenever I find some fun or interesting tennis tidbits.  Tennis is never truly over!

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