Monday, December 17, 2012

Roger Federer - Great video + Sportsman of the year!

Here is a fun video of Roger right before he left Brazil.  I love the scream when he's in the boat!

Also, Roger once again had the honor, after a five year hiatus, of winning Switzerland's sportsman of the year award.  This is the fifth time he has won it, but not since 2007.  This time he was able to take a flight straight from his exhibition in Columbia to be there in person to receive the award in Zurich.  Here's a great picture of him there:

Now it's time for him to get back with the family, enjoy the Christmas holidays, and begin his training for Australia.  I still have to catch up on a few of the exhibition matches I missed while I was away and then it will be surviving on old matches for the next four weeks until the glorious days of the Australian Open!

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