Monday, January 14, 2013

Great start for Federer

Some of the nerves that Federer fans were feeling before Roger's first match, after his not having played a competitive tour match in two months, were put to rest today with a straight forward win against Benoit Paire.  The relaxed expression on his face in his on court interview was the feeling of the entire match.  It never felt stressful in any way in his 6-2 6-4 6-1 breeze through to the 2nd round.  While it's true that Paire was definitely helping the cause by making quite a lot of errors, almost to the point of seeming like he wasn't trying sometimes, the winner's coming off the Fed's racquet were beautiful indeed.  

Now his second round match may be a different story if Davydenko lives up to his potential.  However, seeing the form he was in this match still put some fears to rest about how he would come into the tournament.  He seemed very equal to the form of Djokovic and Murray, who both looked very sharp themselves.  Granted, a lot can happen over a two week period and it's pretty hard to predict how things will go from one round to the next, but I am at least feeling quite confident from his first showing.

Of course there are many stories going on already in these two days in both the men's and women's game but I won't go into all that at this point in the tournament.  However, I can sleep well tonight knowing that Roger came out in great form, which makes the happy slam all the happier.

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