Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Roger visits South Africa

Though I know most Federer fans will have seen this video by now, I have to post it anyway.  I am so impressed that someone of his caliber, the greatest of all time tennis player, still pursuing tennis at the highest level, traveling with his wife and two kids all around the world, busy with so many commitments between sponsors, media and fans, is taking the time on his week off between tournaments to travel to the poorest part of South Africa to visit kids who are benefiting from the Roger Federer foundation.  It is very endearing to watch him here with these young kids, playing with them, reading them a story, even wiping one of their noses with a tissue.  You can tell he's not just doing it because he is supposed to but because he truly cares about helping others less fortunate.  He is a truly great ambassador for the sport of tennis and I am proud to be his fan.


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