Friday, May 3, 2013

Welcome back Roger!

A short post to welcome Roger Federer back to the tour after what seemed like a very long break.  And guess what - he didn't get the worst of the dreaded draws in Madrid that I was completely expecting (maybe they are saving that for Roland Garros).  By that I mean that I figured, with the luck he usually gets on draws, that he would be the one that would end up having Rafa Nadal in his quarter, just like in Indian Wells.  Not what he needs after being away almost two months.  Instead it went the way it should have gone - with Rafa in Ferrer's quarter

Granted, Nadal is still in Federer half, meaning they would play each other in the semifinals if they each are able to win their matches to that point.  The good thing for Fed fans is that Roger has beaten Rafa here before, in the final no less, thanks to the altitude which makes the court a bit quicker, to Roger's advantage.  We will all be holding our breath to see how he comes out in his first round match, against either Tomic or Stepanek.  Can hardly wait!  Let the real tennis begin!!

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