Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grass season is here!

It's grass season!  I must admit to feeling very relieved to get off that dirty clay stuff and onto the lush beautiful green.  I'm not a big clay fan and though of course I watch the tournaments, I am always very happy when it's over.  Ok, confession time - I didn't even do a post on the French Open winners.  Though I was very happy for Serena and the Bryan Brothers to finally have success there after so many years, I am frankly just tired of Nadal winning it every single year.  If conditions for the semifinal would have been what they were on the day of the final I believe Djokovic would have won, but somehow Nadal always gets luck on his side, as well as his obvious amazing talent on clay.  Enough of that - onto grass.

Roger Federer won his first grass tournament of the year in Halle, with I am hoping 10 more to follow in succession!  It was by no means his best match, with quite a few more errors than any of his fans would want to see.  But a win is a win and hopefully he will see what he needs to improve on before his next match on Friday.  He looked a bit frustrated with himself after some of the errors so hopefully he will be eager to try to improve his level of play.  Assuming he wins his next match he will play either Haas or Gulbis in the semifinals, a challenge either way to be sure.  Great preparation for the all important upcoming Wimbledon, however, which is already starting to make me nervous just thinking about.  He seems to really enjoy being in Halle so hopefully with this first win under his belt he will be able to relax and find his high level of tennis to thrill his fans there.

Many of the guys are also playing in another tournament at Queens Club in London.  They have had quite a bit of rain so far, with Andy Murray not able to finish his first match.  Though the rain is frustrating it would be great if they could get it out of the way now with some good weather for at least the first week of Wimbledon.  Can't believe it's less than two weeks away!

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