Saturday, November 9, 2013

Comeback win shows incredible consistency for 11 out of 12 semifinal appearances

What an incredible comeback performance from the Great One today!  To be honest I had my doubts for quite a bit of the match, but Roger proved that he is still a force to be reckoned with and that he will fight to the end.  It seems like the whole match he was fighting from behind after going down early breaks with some unforced errors at inopportune times.  But just when it seemed that he was down and out, he would come up with some brilliant play that only the maestro can produce and get himself right back in there.  So in spite of getting himself into trouble time and time again, his belief and determination kept him in the match with a brilliant victory in the end.

Along with the beautiful play and eventual comeback, the part of the match I enjoyed the most and felt privileged to experience was commentary by former coach of Roger Federer, Paul Annacone.  For those living in the U.S. who subscribe to Tennis Channel, this was truly a treat that can't be matched.  To hear him give his evaluation of where Roger is at in his career, with definitely a lot left in him to give, his breakdown of particular shot choices during the match, recalling his year in 2012 with the Olympics, talking about Roger's character, and much more was incredibly enjoyable and I didn't have any thought of wanting to block negative evaluation of what the commentators were saying.  Paul has much belief in what Roger is still able to accomplish and those doubting him should take a lesson from someone who knows him both as a player and as a person so well.  

This match win meant a lot to Federer.  He put his hand to his heart at the end showing how much he wanted another semifinal appearance in this very successful tournament in his career.  Once more his consistency is proven, as he has now made the semifinal round in this very challenging event an incredible 11 out of 12 years.  Who can argue with that amazing stat, played against the top 8 in the world?  He will face a very tough opponent unfortunately in Nadal, who will have had an extra day of rest to even more help his cause.  But Roger should have confidence knowing he has a very successful record against him on indoor courts.  I know I will feel my share of nerves watching that one, but even if he loses Roger has shown his resilience the last few weeks of this season and that he is on the comeback trail.  Watch out in 2014 for what he can still accomplish!  


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