Sunday, June 29, 2014

Federer floats through week 1 at Wimby

It's middle Sunday at Wimbledon, with the players and spectators enjoying a break from the harried pace.  Of course, there are differing opinions on whether this time honored tradition should be upheld even when rain delays wreaked havoc with the schedule and will throw off the Monday custom of all the Round of 16 being played in one day.  In fact, Roger Federer is one of the players who will be affected by this.  Although he successfully completed his third round match with a decisive win, as did his next opponent, they have decided to postpone his next match until Tuesday so his whole section will be in the same predicament - having to play matches on back-to-back days (in fact, a couple will have to play three days in a row).

But even with that little bit of negative, everything else has been a whole lot of positive.  The King of Wimbledon Center Court has looked sublime in his first three matches.  While #1 and #2 seeds Djokovic and Nadal have both lost a set (or more) in the first week, Roger has not been challenged whatsoever, looking very much like the seven time champion so far.  And we are well aware that matches that look on paper to be simple (e.g., Stakovsky 2013), in reality the result can sometimes turn out quite different, so floating through the first week with no stress on his mind or body will be much appreciated.  

The second week obviously will become much tougher.  My hope is for another decisive win against another opponent who delivered a shock loss in '13 US Open, Tommy Robredo.  As that loss never would have happened had Roger been healthy, let's hope he can put the matter to rights in a quick three-setter so he will be ready for whoever his quarterfinal opponent may be, which is still quite up in the air since two of the third round matches have yet to be played.

I continue to have high hopes and good feelings about this tournament.  I know we need to take one match at a time, since anything can happen, but Roger is playing great tennis, serving incredibly well, keeping the errors very low (in fact, in his second round match his error count was only 5 for the whole match!).  If he can keep this up I believe he could be the one hold the trophy next Sunday.  One more week and we will know!

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