Monday, July 1, 2013

Another big surprise - what will the final outcome be?

Nine days ago if someone would have said that the quarterfinals of Wimbledon would be minus Nadal, Federer, Tsonga, Serena, Sharapova and Azarenka, who in their right mind would have believed it?  But that is exactly what we have.  

Serena's loss in the Round of 16 was another huge shock, for some more shocking than Federer's was (though I am not one of those).  It sure seemed, after a surprising collapse in the second half of the first set to lose it 6-2, that Serena had found her form as well as her fierce determination when she quickly won the second set 6-1 and then went up a quick break in the third.  In fact, two times she was up a break, but somehow grass court specialist Sabine Lisicki kept fighting and kept finding a way back in.  To find a way, though, not just to get the break back, but to get an additional break against powerful Serena and then be able to serve it out on her own serve was truly an inspiring fight.  If only Sabine could find a way to transfer her grass success to other surfaces, she could be at the top of the rankings.

You know, anytime all of the media and all the odds makers put all their bets on one person it almost makes me want them to lose.  NO ONE is invincible - no, not even Serena Williams, though that's what at least the commentators that I listen to seemed to believe.  It seemed they all thought Serena was unable to be beaten at this stage of her career.  So although I live in the U.S and it's always good to see someone from my country win, it seems to me that putting people on such a huge pedestal is never a good idea, no matter how super human they may seem to be for a while (kind of like those who seem to think that Roger Federer is God - no matter how much I love him, he is just a person!).

So in the end, on the men's side, will it be as many odds makers predicted with a Djokovic Murray final, or are there still more surprises to be seen, such as a Jerzy Janowicz , Tomas Berdych or Juan Martin Del Potro holding the trophy at the end?  As to the women, the eventual winner could be any number of ladies - maybe last year's finalist Aga Radwanska, or how about the young American Sloane Stevens, if she can hold her nerve?  Or maybe Petra Kvitova will find her magic again from a few years ago to claim the grass court title again.  In spite of the fact that my favorite, Roger Federer, no longer has a chance this year, I'm not one of those using hash tag WimbleDone - there are still good story lines to be had for the rest of the fortnight.

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