Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Desiree the cow, and Myla & Charlene celebrate their birthday

The tournament organizers did good when they planned an opening ceremony in Gstaad to honor the star of Switzerland, Roger Federer.  He hasn't played in this particular home tournament since 2004, when they gave him a cow named Juliet.  Today they continued the tradition by gifting him with another cow by the name of Desiree.

No player can probably be fully appreciated during their career, instead receiving criticism for every loss, or suggestions of retirement with any slight slump.  But the fact of the matter is that the little country of Switzerland has the greatest player of all time in their midst, and any honor and appreciation they can give is so deserved.

I imagine Myla and Charlene, Federer's little twins who turned 4 on the same day, will be the ones in the family to get real excited about Desiree, the newest addition to the family.  It's amazing they are already 4 years old, as cute as can be and following their Daddy around from place to place all over the world.

Hopefully the Federer family got to spend some special time together on their special day. enjoying the beauty around them.  And hopefully Daddy will play well this week.  But if not, the hard court season is just around the corner waiting for an exciting comeback by the tennis GOAT.

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