Sunday, September 23, 2012

Back in the winner's circle

I'm really happy to see Caroline Wozniacki finally holding a trophy again.  It's been a long title drought of more than a year for her.  After holding the #1 ranking for over a year, in the midst of much criticism for not having won a grand slam, she has now slipped down to #11.  She has tried connecting with a couple different coaches to get her game to a level to make that big breakthrough in the majors.  Instead I think it has rather confused her game and taken away what she is best known for - her incredible consistency.  I'm sure it has been very frustrating to hear so many giving her advice on how she can add more offense, hit more winners, and have something to offer against those with the big power who seem to be able to hit through her. 

Unfortunately I wasn't able to watch any of this tournament, as it wasn't televised and I couldn't find it on any computer streams, so I wasn't able to see what caused the huge score discrepancy of 6-1 6-0 in the final.  Regardless, though, she came through with a win, including winning a tight three setter in the semis, which she has at times lately had a hard time having success with.  

There is a stacked field at the tournament in Tokyo this week.  Lets hope this title gives her confidence to make some inroads against some of the top players and get her back on track and back toward the top of the rankings once again.

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