Sunday, September 16, 2012

Roger Federer Davis Cup Highlights + Interview

For those like me who didn't get to see Switzerland Davis Cup matches this weekend, here are some highlights of Roger Federer's singles wins to help get Switzerland back to the World Group next year:

And this one shows the last game, then the on-court interview after the match:

It was great seeing him play again.  However, this quote was a bit concerning to me:  “I need holiday badly,” he said. “I’m wounded, tired, and exhausted and need some time off right now and see where I go from here. Nothing has been decided for the rest of year, even though there is a plan in place, that plan might change. I need to go back to drawing board to see what’s important.”

Regarding the "wounded" comment, did anyone else notice his serve looked a little bit different?  Maybe it was my imagination, but to me when he hit the ball it looked like he was holding his body different, almost trying to protect it.  I noticed that before I read his comment.  In any event, he has played a lot of tennis this year, added tournaments he doesn't usually play plus the Olympics.  I hope he goes and has a couple lovely weeks laying on the beach and doing not much else!  And I would imagine it may be unlikely we would see him in Shanghai, but time will tell.  Go rest, Roger!!!


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