Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Rain at the Open

What an anticlimactic day at the U.S. Open.  What looked to be a great Order of Play turned out instead to be a series of delays, moving courts, and very little accomplished.  While those who did get their matches finished (namely Victoria Azarenka and David Ferrer) feel a great deal of relief, I'm sure those who are left hanging are dealing with some frustration, knowing the schedule is getting behind.  And it always intrigues me, when they have to carry over a match, how the scheduling gets decided.  I mean, why would they put the Errani-Vinci match on before the resumption of the Djokovic-Wawrinka match, which really needs to get finished?

And, of course, the much anticipated match between Roddick and Del Potro, where everyone is wondering if it will be Andy's last match, ended up having a completely different feel than expected with really more of an eye to the weather than the drama it deserves.  The problem is that it really doesn't look much better for tomorrow.

If this is making me a bit cranky wondering when the big matches really will be and how I can work my schedule around something unknown, I can just imagine what it does to the players, and to those who actually have tickets to the event!  I pretty much plan my life around tennis matches, especially if Roger Federer is playing, and it's driving me crazy wondering how it's all going to work out!  Will he actually play his quarterfinal tomorrow night, or will it end up being Thursday afternoon when I have something planned?  Will the semis actually be on Saturday?  Will the final be moved to Monday once again, and do I cancel my plans for Monday afternoon?  Enough to drive those who just like to know what's going on a bit crazy!  I guess we will see what tomorrow holds.  Rain rain, go away!

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