Friday, July 6, 2012

Joy and Ecstasy!

Can a Federer fan feel more joy than what I am feeling right now?  Roger Federer into his 8th Wimbledon final with a chance to take his 7th title.  Oh the rapture when that last Djokovic return hit the net and Roger raised in his arms in victory.  The feelings of heart pounding, sweaty palms, changing emotions between ecstasy and dread followed me through the match.  But in the end the GOAT was able to pull it off against a somewhat uncomfortable looking Novak Djokovic.

The fact that Roger will go back to #1 in the world with a win on Sunday would be such an amazing feat at a month from his 31st birthday.  For those like me who have been frustrated with those who have not exactly written him off, but at least implied he is being far surpassed by the two who have held rank over him for the last year or more, it would be a particularly sweet victory, almost an "I told you so."  What a way to cement his legacy.

I have seen quite a few reactions before this match that if Roger could beat Novak, it would be almost an automatic win for him in the final.  Not so fast, though!  Andy Murray would have amazing crowd support, and an equally amazing determination to not lose one more final, this time at his home tournament (of course, amazing pressure at the same time!).  And don't forget it was Jo Wilfred Tsonga who beat Roger here last year.  When he gets on a roll we know what can happen!

It looks to be an amazing day of tennis on Sunday.  Until then those who are Federer fans can bask in the glow of victory and dream of the title two days from now!

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