Monday, July 9, 2012

More thoughts on the Maestro's incredible win

Roger looking dapper in his tux with the trophy
 As the great victory has continued to marinate in my mind over the last 24 hours, here are some of my additional thoughts since yesterday's post.

I realized I hadn't even mentioned Roger's level of play in my excitement of what his accomplishment means in so many different realms.  But along with the 17, 7 and 1 that everyone is talking about (and what about 75 titles?), another amazing feat that stood out to me is that in my opinion he is starting to look much more like the Federer of old.  There have been quite a few times in these last couple years that he really did look as if he was losing a step compared to the other guys, and that his game was dropping, even if just a small degree.  However, over the last nine months there has been so much encouragement with the titles he has won and his obvious motivation to continue winning.  In this tournament we have seen some of the amazing mastery in the early rounds, then those couple scary rounds, and now these last couple matches looking just amazing.  Yesterday the way he was able to raise his game after the slow start and then play some absolutely beautiful, and may I say genius tennis that we had become accustomed to in times past.  The beauty of his game when he is playing his best is just astounding, gliding, almost dancing around the court.  I remember one rally where they must have done five cross court forehands each back and forth, and each of his forehands was different in one way or another, one a high looping one, another with his wrist laid way back, another fired hard.  It's just amazing his variety with just one shot.  And his overhead smashes were beautiful, not to mention the touch on his drop shots, or the short angled forehands barely across the net.  My husband, who was gone for the match and just watched highlights, on one of those short angled forehand winners, said "What was that?!"  That about says it with much of what he was doing.  Incredible!!

What do the next few months hold?  Could this be what he needed to get him back not just to winning the smaller tournaments, but to winning even more grand slams again?  Though I'm not necessarily expecting it, I could see him come back and winning both the Olympic gold and the U.S. Open.  I know, probably dreaming, as the other guys are going to have much to say about that.  But I do think now that he has experienced this victory again, that he might not be stopping at 17!  Is it possible for him to reach 20?

On another note, how could anyone but the most hard hearted not feel for Andy Murray as he was giving his tearful speech.  Even though, of course, I didn't want him to win, I still can't help but feel bad for him.  He played the best he ever has in a major final and yet it still just wasn't enough.  Surely he must have felt he had a chance, especially after winning the first set and having break points in the second set.  It must have been heart rending to once again come up the runner up, only this time being in front of his home crowd.  You could tell Roger felt for him too.  I do believe Andy will win one eventually.  

Here is a fun video of all the press responsibilities Roger has after these wins.  He seems to be in a pretty good mood though, as would be expected!

One last thing, for today anyway.  I thought the following was an exceptionally well written article with good quotes from Roger, so instead of me trying to repeat some of this I will just let you read it from the link below: 

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