Friday, July 20, 2012

While we wait...

There are actually quite a few tournaments going on right now, and I have been catching some of the action.  Enjoyed watching the first Japanese ATP quarterfinal with Go Soeda playing some amazing tennis, and looking forward to watching Andy Roddick play against Michael Russell tonight.

But while it's fun to start getting into the U.S. Open series, the Olympics at Wimbledon is the drawing card right now, and I can't wait to see how Roger Federer is going play after his amazing 17th Grand Slam win and his climb back up to the #1 ranking.  So while we wait, I though I would post one of the many You Tube videos of his out-of-this world shots:

This video was made before his latest win, so the info at the end is outdated.  But the shots sure aren't and can't help but amaze.  

Ok, I can't help but put one more - how about some of his tweeners:

Can't wait to watch him play again!

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