Sunday, July 8, 2012

Roger and fortune cookie success!

Oh, such sweet victory!  How do I even go about  expressing the emotions of what has taken place today?  There are so many amazing things that happened with this win - 7th Wimbledon, 17th major title, and #1 in the world once again to break the record.  Which is the best?  They are all so incredible at a month from 31 years old!  People were so in awe of Rafael Nadal winning his 7th French Open.  Well, Roger has equaled it with 7 Wimbledons.  And he has shown, by most people's estimation I'm sure, that he is the GOAT.  I'm just in awe of what he has been able to accomplish.

I have to share my story that happened earlier in the week, though.  My husband and I went for Chinese food on the 4th of July and I got a fortune cookie.  Before I opened it I told myself that this was going to tell me if Roger was going to win or not.  Here is what it said:

In case you can't read the small print it says "Your lucky number for the week is seven."  Wow - I couldn't believe it!  Now I'm not one to believe in fortune cookies.  In fact, prayer is something I rely on very much.  But I think sometimes God has a sense of humor and just wanted to reassure me.  Not that I didn't have my moments of tension, because I certainly did, especially in that 2nd set, but I also felt kind of a calm certainty that he was going to come through.  I thought that was pretty amazing, and that fortune will definitely stay on my Federbear!

There are so many quotes I could put of what Roger has said after the match which I haven't even had a chance to read or hear yet, but I'll go with this one:  "I feel better here [at Wimbledon] than anywhere else. I don't know why. It's a unique and special place"  That it is.  And can you imagine the confidence going into the Olympics now?  Imagine the sweetness of adding Olympic gold to what he has achieved.  Another sweet joy to dream of in the next few weeks while Roger takes a much deserved vacation.

I will end it with a couple sweet pictures of his precious girls, who got to come into the players box for the award ceremony.

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