Friday, May 11, 2012

Madrid happenings

Well well well, who would have thought that neither of the two finalist from last year would even make the semis!  Quite surprising, to say the least, though I am coming to understand more as I listen to the commentators this week that the ones with first strike tennis are the ones having success on the blue stuff, while those who rely so much on their defensive skills just aren't able to get their movement down on this controversial court surface.  Interesting that both guys were taken out by their fellow countrymen!  I'm sure they are both eagerly anticipating playing on the type of clay they are used to in Rome.

Let's hope the upsets stop here!  Roger will go up to #2 in the world if he is able to pull off a win in the final.  I did find it very interesting to read that he said he hasn't decided yet whether or not he will play Rome.  I thought that one was for sure.

I am hoping to get to watch at least part of his 1/4 final before I head off to a family reunion for the weekend.  I am bringing my laptop and plan to watch his semi tomorrow if he pulls it off today, and then would hope for a great Mother's Day gift of seeing him win another Masters 1000 tournament!

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