Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Next Two Weeks

Just love some of the pictures coming out of RG so far.  Roger looks relaxed and happy, which is a good way to start things out.  In my mind, though, and I think the minds of many, there seems to be an air of inevitability about the next two weeks.  At this point I just can't see the outcome being any different, on the men's side that is, than it has six out of the last seven years.  To me Rafa's draw looks pretty "walk in the park," while Roger's is much more challenging (as usual).  Both Roger and Novak have been quoted to say that Rafa is the definite favorite.  While I think both of these two certainly have a chance (I would think Novak would be giving his all more than we have seen since early February), I still just don't see anyone beating the King of Clay at RG, which makes me long for Wimbledon already.

But then again, look at Roger's past records - five in a row at Wimby, five in a row at the USO.  At some point things changed, and at some point that will happen at the FO also.  One person can't win it forever.  Will it be this year that the change comes?  I rather doubt it, but again, it can't last forever.  How I dream and hope that somehow Roger could win his 17th here.  It would be so, so special!  I'm sure many, many of his fans would be sharing tears with him.  While I don't think it likely, it certainly is a possibility, so those who love him can wish over the next two weeks and who knows - it just could come true.  Maybe some luck could go his way this year.

 Love that hair style!

What about the women? I definitely don't see a repeat happening there.  While I hope for Li Na's sake that she doesn't have an embarrassing early exit, I think the pressure will be too much for her in closing out matches.  While I certainly could see either a Sharapova or Azarenka victory, my pick at this point would have to be Serena.  Her form this year has been incredible!  In my mind she is the strong favorite.  I almost think the women's side of things may be more exciting than the men's this year because there are any number of potential very valid winners.

So the anticipation is building.  Tomorrow, for those who are the crazy tennis addicts, our lives will be controlled by tennis for the next two weeks.  That's why I'm taking off with my husband today on his motorcycle to do something he enjoys, since I told him tennis will be the mainstay after today.  Looking forward to a holiday Monday to watch tennis all day long!!!


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