Sunday, April 1, 2012

A Crazy Tennis Addcit

I admit it - I'm a crazy tennis addict.  I think about it, dream about it, watch it, play it, and basically can't live without it.  How did it get to this point?  I guess it was a slow growing addiction that started 3-4 years ago with  becoming interested in watching the pros, learning who the players are, how they play, different aspects of their lives, and now I pretty much have to watch every match that's on TV.  It has also crossed over into a love of playing the game, and now tennis pretty much controls my life.  Oh, and I will warn you in advance that I am an unapologetic major Roger Federer fan, to the extreme!

My husband and I went to Indian Wells a couple weeks ago and I had the incredible experience of watching Roger play a match courtside.  Watching how athletic he is around the court from that close up was absolutely amazing - a completely different perspective than you can catch on TV.  I was in heaven!  Here's a picture of him close-up:

But enough about me!  I want to start with a awesome You Tube video of a Roger Federer interview in Rotterdam last month.  For those who are already missing him after his early exit in Miami, this is great therapy:

Roger Federer Meet and Greet

I also found the following article very interesting regarding Nadal's resignation from the player's council and some of the things he was trying to change.  The comments especially were very insightful:

Player council withdrawal and two year ranking system

That's a start for now.  I always have so much on my mind regarding tennis and would love to correspond with anyone who wants to make comments about any aspect of the pro circuit or just tennis in general.  More soon.


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