Monday, April 30, 2012

Weekend touneys (blah blah blah)

I keep trying to get the motivation to write something about the weekend tennis matches. To be honest I'm a little bored with it while I wait (and wait and wait) for Roger to play next week. I almost didn't watch the Barcelona final because I knew what the outcome would be. I ended up watching most of it, though, and got rather caught up with Ferrer's play and how close he was.  He always plays with amazing tenacity, but I thought he was especially doing so yesterday.  I know he wanted it so badly, and he was so close in both sets.  I felt very bad for him that he once again wasn't able to get there.  I'm sure Nadal fans are feeling very relieved that he has come through and won a couple tournaments again.  We'll see what the next month or so of the clay court season holds for the men.  Will there be any surprises?

As far as the women, I'm sure Maria felt so relieved to get that win against Vika.  I have actually only had a chance to watch a bit of it, though it is on my DVR waiting.  It looks like Maria hit a lot of winners and must have been playing extremely well.  Very odd first set score, though, for Azarenka.  Anyone want to fill me in on what was up with her?

Well, sorry for the boring post - just can't wait for the blue stuff next week!!!!!!

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