Thursday, April 26, 2012

Roger Federer interview

Roger was interviewed today by Rene Stauffer (lucky guy!) in German.  This has been translated to English by Google translate, which definitely isn't a perfect translation.  However, it give us the basic idea.  Here are a few of the things I found interesting that he had to say:

Which tournament would you like to win in 2012: Paris, Wimbledon, U.S. Open or the Olympics?
For me it was always the ultimate Wimbledon, and it remains special. That this year we have the opportunity to play there for a month after the Grand Slam tournament again in the same stadium, is a big chance for our generation. It’s great that I have opportunities everywhere. I hope I can win some of these tournaments.

If you could choose: Would you prefer to Wimbledon this summer or Olympic Champion?
Since I have no preference, both are equally important for me, even though not having the larger Olympic rarity value. Many people think that I would achieve more for Switzerland with an Olympic gold medal, but I do not see it quite like that. What pleases me is that we come up with a strong generation after Wimbledon, with Djokovic, Nadal, Murray and me. The tennis tournament should be on everyone’s lips. That should be good publicity for the future of tennis in the Olympics.

Most of your fans employ two main questions: Are you the No. 1 again, and get a 17th Grand Slam title?
I do not know well. But because you can see the amazing opportunities open to me yet, we are talking about absolutely huge success. This is also the reason why I train hard and give everything again. The number 1 is possible for me this year, but I have to play very well. Djokovic can win in Paris, his fourth Grand Slam title in a row, and if he can do that, it will be too difficult for me in the near future the number 1. The respect that. But yes, he has not won in Paris. And if I continue to play so well, I would at least bring in a good position – if I was to win a Grand Slam.

Their relationship has cooled to Nadal in the last few months because of disagreements? He is assigned as Vice President of the Player Council, in which you are president.
We’ve certainly seen less. He was not in Rotterdam and Dubai, I’m not in Shanghai, he was not in Bercy. We only saw in London, Melbourne and shortly in Indian Wells. We currently have more distance, when there were times when we saw almost daily for weeks. For this reason, certain problems have arisen because we were able to communicate less, unfortunately. That should be no excuse. On the other hand, I think it is normal that we have differences of opinion. I have no problem with Nadal, no matter what he says and thinks. The important thing is that he wants to continue to move to the political events on the tour interesting and things.

Do you find yourself here, think about your life after tennis? Your girls are bigger, will soon be three years old. What kind of influence?
It is particularly permeable. Right now we are wondering about where we want to live once, where they go to school. This is not yet defined. There are little things that I need to decide slowly. It’s nice that I can influence their way, almost every day, with the education, the rules we set. I’m already more frequently, what I would do if I had left off. Whether coaching, I would occasionally deny exhibition matches, such as Pete Sampras. . .

Do you want more children?
Now we enjoy the little ones, they keep us busy enough. I assume that we discuss next year. Currently, this decision is something in the distance.

Here is a link to the whole interview:

I thought it was interesting to hear him talk about his relationship with Nadal, and I am always interested in what he has to say about his family.  It will be great to have him back in the tennis world again soon!


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