Monday, April 16, 2012

Thoughts on John Isner

I know this week is all about Monte Carlo, and believe me, I am watching with as much interest as all true tennis addicts are to see what the outcome is going to be, especially for ones named Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.  However, there are already tons of articles out there about that topic right now, so I want to focus on something else for a moment, namely John Isner.

I don't know about anyone else, but I'm actually getting excited about the thought of where Isner's career might end up going.  I mean really, what an improvement in his game since his infamous Wimbledon match!  I was getting so frustrated watching that match because he just couldn't do anything on return games.  I mean, it's great to have a good serve, but to succeed at the top level there has to be more.  He and his team obviously have realized that too.  Look at what he's done this year!  He's beaten Roger Federer on clay in Switzerland (in a best of 5, no less - as sad as I was at the time that it happened!) and he's beaten Djokovic at Indian Wells, a tournament he won last year.  He also played clutch tennis in France, on clay, to give the U.S. an unexpected Davis Cup win.  Not only that, but he is now the #1 American for the first time in  his career.  

I know he didn't look ultra impressive last week in Houston.  Granted, he still needs to work harder on his fitness to complete with the best of the best, as he will be doing for these next few weeks after a well deserved rest.  But I just feel like, with hard work and perseverance, that he has some amazing potential, which has to get American tennis fans at least somewhat excited.  When Mardy Fish became the #1 American player for some reason I just couldn't buy into it.  Maybe part of it was because of his age, and just feeling like he couldn't keep it up, which is proving to  be true.  But Isner seems to be coming into is own at the age of 26 and still has plenty of years left to play the game.  We'll see how the rest of the year goes for him - how he performs in the three remaining majors left this year - and if he can continue to rise in the rankings.  But I'm going to get on the Isner bandwagon (except when he's playing Federer, who will always be my #1!!!!!) and believe that he can accomplish great things!

Let me know  your thoughts on Isner's career.



FedMark said...

Hello mff

No doubt that Isner is having the season of his life thus far, by winning big matches scale. But I´m not totally convinced yet that he belongs in top 10 where he´s right now. I don´t now what it is that makes me doubt in him sometimes, maybe it´s something with his attitude on court that looks a little careless at moments, I don´t know. But yes he has won me over musvh more this season so far, but I don´t think he will the top american for long, I expect Roddick to reclaim that position after the fire he showed in Miami.

But I´m very excited for the upcoming clayseason in europe, I don´t know how many of the tournaments Isner is going to appear in? but he should be in them all. He has showed some great skills on that surface as you mentioned in the Davis cup and last year in French Open where pushed Nadal into 5 sets, he could be a real threat to the top guys.

majorfedfan said...

What he does at the two upcoming majors is going to tell a lot. If he can do what he did in some of his matches this year of returning well and breaking serve so that he can win the early matches in 3 sets, then I think he has a good chance. If he reverts to his old ways of tiebreaks in every set and going to 5 sets in early matches, then I won't be convinced either. I don't know about Roddick - I'm not convinced on that one.

Lots to look forward to in the next few months, that's for sure!