Monday, August 27, 2012

Day 1 at the Open

The U.S. Open is officially up and running!  And for good measure, about an hour into it, there was even a rain delay to make things interesting.  No big upsets on the men's side today, though for the women three of the German ladies have already gone out in the first round.  I have learned not to make too many predictions in the women's game when it comes to majors - ANYTHING can happen!

Andy Murray started out a bit shaky, though you can't tell by the scoreline.  Roger Federer had a routine first round match against Donald Young, winning his 50th match in Arthur Ashe Stadium (62-7 career W-L). This was his 38th Grand Slam 1st round win in a row!  

You can tell there is a lot of humidity when even Roger is sweating like crazy!  

Here is post match interview with Darren Cahill, which was great:

I wish it didn't take three days to get through the 1st round.  I'm already getting antsy to get to the "good stuff."  I know I need to savor this, though, as there will be a long break after this is done, so I am going to enjoy each and every day watching the amazing tennis at the Open the next two weeks.  No other place like it!

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