Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Goodbye to Kim, and 2 set down comebacks

The intensity was palpable as Kim Clijsters first tried to hold her service game to stay in the match at 4-5, then again at 5-6 with some hold-your-breath type of points.  The eventual tiebreak could have gone either way, but in the end the British teen Laura Robson was able to close it out, bringing an end to Kim Clijsters' singles career for a second time.  Everyone knew each match could be her last, but I don't think many thought it would end this early.  I felt a little lump in my throat when it was all over today, and even heard Pam Shriver's voice crack a little while she interviewed her on court.

It has been inspiring to hear so many talking about what a genuinely nice and friendly person she is to everyone she comes into contact with.  (Reminds me of a particular top ranked men's player I know of!).  The majors she has won in her comeback career have been a real joy to see.  She seems happy to be moving on with her life and I hope she experiences a lot of fulfillment as she adds to her family and moves on to other ventures.  And hopefully we will still see her from time to time.

On another topic, it has been just crazy how many comebacks from two sets down there have been in the men's game in just the first three days - 9 to be exact!  What is especially crazy to me is the fact that in the last few weeks beginning with the Olympics there has been some talk that maybe there needs to be a change in the format of slams, going to best of 3 rather than best of 5.  I think what has happened in these first two days should put an end to that discussion once and for all!  If that were to change, everything about the slams would be different, and it would almost negate some of the huge results we have had in history.  I mean, just taking Roger Federer for an example, he wouldn't have won the French Open because he was down two sets to Tommy Haas, and he wouldn't have won Wimbledon this year because of his match with Benneteau.  Djokovic wouldn't have won the U.S. Open last year because he would have lost to Federer .  And there would have been nine different winners than what we currently have in this present tournament.  It would just be too big of a change.  Hopefully this was just a passing thought and not something to be seriously considered.

The 1st round for the men is finally over and half of the 2nd round for the women.  Should be some interesting matches tomorrow as we make our way to the 3 day weekend, in which I plan to do lots of sitting around watching tennis!

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