Friday, August 10, 2012

Toronto, Fed twins and Cincy

With everyone still tired from the Olympics and with injuries starting to show up, not to mention a full day of rain delay for the men in Toronto, it hasn't been the most exciting tennis week in the world.  I'm sure Novak Djokovic is silently thanking all the top guys this week for either not showing up (Federer, Nadal, Ferrer), pulling out after one match (Murray) or losing early (Tsonga, Del Potro) so he has a good chance to hang onto his title from last year while he tries to work through his personal issues that he doesn't want to discuss (hmm, can't help but make one curious!)  Of course, with all the rain he may soon be wanting to pull out too if he's going to have any chance next week in Cincinnati.

In the meantime I came across a very cute picture of little Charlene Federer, on vacation in Switzerland with her icon daddy Roger and the rest of her family.  Apparently while sister Myla was afraid of the fish, Charlene had no such fears:

From what I have observed in the little bit I have seen them, Charlene (the one who looks a little more like Roger) seems like the one with lots of spunk and personality, while Myla, who looks more like Mirka, seems more sweet and quiet.  We'll see if that continues to play out.  With my twins, once I thought I got them figured out they would switch on me, so I finally gave up trying!  Hope they had a wonderful relaxed vacation in Switzerland.

Now, however, Roger is back to work in Cincy, on the practice court.  Hope the transition from grass to hardcourt isn't too difficult - and that they have better luck with weather!  


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