Thursday, August 2, 2012

Semis set, big 3 + 1

So the semis are set for one of the biggest tennis events of the year.  Each one of them would love to take home a medal, and three of the four will.  It must feel strange knowing that even if they lose tomorrow, they will still play one more match for the bronze.  Even though on the one hand this has felt just like another tennis tournament, at the same time it just has a different feel with it being the Olympics - more special somehow.

Most predicted the big 3 making it to the semis, with the 4th being a little up in the air.  But there was always a bit of the unpredictable with the best of 3 sets on grass.  Honestly I hope that each of the top three seeds end up with a medal - they all deserve it (and of course you know who I want to get the gold!).  

On the ladies side it's hard to believe it wouldn't be Serena and Maria Sharapova in the gold medal match with the way each of them are playing.  They each seem pretty fiercely determined.  

A few more days of wondering and the questions will be answered after all the waiting for the Olympics.  Big anticipation, again, different than other tournaments, even grand slams, as there is only a chance every four years.  Lots of pressure tomorrow, no doubt about that!

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