Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Emotional two sets down win

Wow, I don't know about you, but I still feel rather emotionally tired after that two sets down comeback.  I must admit I had pretty much given up, trying to convince myself that it was okay if he lost in the quarters.  I was thinking about ranking points he would be losing, though, and couldn't quite get past that. I think the anger that he let out after someone in the crowd yelled during one of his points really helped him.  Though he still lost that second set, I really felt like that changed something for him.  While part of what I love so much about Roger is his calm demeanor and his gentlemanly character, sometimes it's good to get mad and use it in a positive manner.

If you didn't see it, here's a link for it:

Roger yells shut up 

Yes, it may be true that Delpo's knee was bothering him a bit, though he said that didn't have an affect on it, but it was so encouraging to see Roger start hitting some winners instead of those incredibly frustrating errors he was making in the first two sets.  Great job by Roger to come back once again from a 2 set deficit.  I can't predict for sure what will happen Friday, but I would like to think that he has found his game and is going to be able to get by Novak once again as he did last year.  In the meantime I'm glad he has two days to rest!

Here is a transcript from his post-match press conference: 

Federer press conference 

And I came across this article of stupid press conference questions Roger has gotten both today and in past years.  Some humor for the day!

Stupid press conference questions 

And I have to at least make a quick comment on Novak's ability to save four match points and come through once again.  I really feel for poor Jo Willy, though.  That's gotta hurt!

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