Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Thinkin' about men's finals

Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a little bored with seeing the same two men in the major finals four times in a row?  I mean sure, it was fascinating to see what was going to happen in this last one, to see if Rafa was still going to be King of Clay, or if Novak was going to have his way once again even at his beloved French Open to win four in a row against him.  But now that we've gotten our answer on this one, please, someone beat one of these guys!

It's got to be partially a mental thing.  Even the great Roger Federer was up two sets and had match points against Djokovic at the U.S. Open, plus was two breaks up in a set at RG and couldn't beat him.  And both Tsonga and Seppi seemed to have his number, then couldn't close it out, even with four match points on Tsonga's part.  Obviously there's a lot of mental toughness on Nole's part (although it was pretty surprising to see even him double fault on Championship point!).  But come on, someone needs to have the wherewithal to finish at least one of these two off before the final, to give us some variety.  

I am certainly hoping one of those someones is is my guy Roger!  No matter how great he has been, and even though he has won a lot of titles in the last eight months, everyone knows his chances to win a major final is getting less and less the more time goes on.  One of his chances is in a few weeks.  Though it definitely worries me that he has lost in the quarters the last two years, he obviously knows how to win at SW19!  Come on Rog - this is your year!

I also am finding myself getting excited to see someone new break through one of these days (well, as long as he doesn't beat Roger, that is!).  Everyone thought one of those guys was going to be Juan Martin Del Potro.  Other than his one win, that hasn't happened so far, but he's still young and could end up winning many more in the future.  I'm very curious to see what other young guys are going to be threats at the top in the years to come.  While I don't think that any other tennis player can capture my heart like Roger has, I know he won't be playing forever and someone else will need to take his place to keep tennis exciting.  Would be interesting to get a peek five years from now and see who will be holding the trophies!

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