Friday, June 29, 2012

Stress city, but sweet victory!!

Wow was that stressful - I feel exhausted after watching that one.  That 4th set tiebreak was major intensity!  The ONLY thing making me feel any better when I contemplated a loss here was that Nadal lost a round earlier and wouldn't be winning another GS title.  But such relief that he got through that one.  Many, of course, will be thinking of Nadal's loss in '09 and then Roger having to come back from two sets down the day after.  I'm taking that as a good sign of things to come!

I went into this match feeling a little concern because I knew Benneteau would be feeling inspired from watching Rosol's incredible performance last night.  I mean, even I was feeling inspired when I went to play tennis yesterday right after the match and hit many more winners than normal, so of course it would give someone like Benneteau, who has beaten Roger before in much the same manner, confidence.  Thankfully Roger was able to find that extra gear in the 4th set tiebreak, and then he coasted from there.  All that amazing work he puts in for training certainly pays off for him over some of these other guys who just don't have the endurance.  Glad he has two days off now and hopefully his next match against Malisse will be quite bit more straightforward!

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