Sunday, June 17, 2012

Strange happenings on a Sunday

Who would have thought 34-year-old Tommy Haas would be the one holding the trophy at the end of this one?  When I woke up at a little before 5 a.m. and found the match on the computer it was 5-all in the 1st.  I watched in frustration through the tiebreak and 2nd set as Federer sailed shots wide, long and into the net in startling fashion.  Tommy kept his level strong, served well, and closed it out with a 7-6 6-4 win for his 13th title.  I am watching the match in full right now on Tennis Channel's airing of it later in the day.  It's interesting watching a match when you already know the outcome.  I mean, Roger started out great and most people I'm sure were expecting him to have a pretty straight forward win.  He looked to be getting things in control the beginning of the 2nd set too, but once again those errors were just overtaking his game.  So what's the deal?  Was the intensity and desire not strong enough?  Was there a subconscious wish to see his good friend Tommy win a title at this stage of his career?  And once again I have to ask if these 250 tournaments mean much or not going into a Grand Slam.

Well, if the smile on his face at the party after the match is any indication, he doesn't seem overly concerned over the loss.  My hope is that he got what he needed out of this tournament, which is the feel of grass under his feet once again, and that he will be able to up the intensity when it's most needed, starting a week from now in London.

And, of course, anyone who follows tennis has by now heard about the strange ending at Queen's Club with David Nalbandian losing the tournament by default, giving Marin Cilic the title after Cilic lost the first set.  Nalbandian, having just lost his serve at 4-3 in the 2nd set, in frustration kicked the wooden protective covering where the line judge was sitting, injuring the line judge's leg in the process.  It wasn't a pretty scene.  And while David did sort of apologize, he also took the opportunity to rip the ATP for going by the book on some rules but not others.  Not his finest moments.  He will pay for it by not receiving his prize money or his ranking points, with maybe more penalties to follow.

To end on a more positive note, though, kudos to Melanie Oudin for making it to her first WTA final!  It's great to see the 20-year-old finding some of her magic again!  Whether she wins the rain delayed final tomorrow or not, it's got to do great things for her confidence!

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